Robert Garrett Williams for Representative TN House District 12

I'm running because all Tennesseeans deserve good jobs, good Healthcare and a secure retirement.


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Help us make Tennessee a State we are proud to raise our children in!

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The Platform

We can do better...

  • Tennessee's gas tax revenue in FY 2016 was $657,787,157.  So why are roads an issue?

  • Partisan politics are no good for Tennessee taxpayers. I'm tired of  politics that highlight  differences rather than finding the common ground , common sense solutions that benefit Tennessee taxpayers.

  • Teachers should make a wage sufficient to support themselves.
  • Nurses should be safe from losing their licenses due to predatory student loan practices.

  • First the TN GOP refused to condemn Nazis in TN, then they outdid themselves by not even hearing a bill that would eliminate slavery from our Constitution. Is this the Tennessee you want to raise your kids in?

Healthcare Expansion

  • We should expand Medicaid immediately to include the over half of a Million Tennessee residents who would be covered. if we don't, we leave $22.5 Billion of our taxpayer dollars on the table for other states to use. That's  just not right.


  • Tennessee needs to allocate whatever funds are necessary to make our public schools the best in the Nation. Do our children deserve any less?
  • The Key word is Public Schools. Taxpayer money should be used to improve public schools for the many, not private school vouchers for the few.
  • We should strive to make Tennessee the best State in the nation for teachers. From increased pay to incentives for teaching in lower performing schools.



To accomplish our goals we are going to need to build the strongest team possible and that means we need you to be a part of it!


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